• Christmas Trees and Health

    Christmas Trees and Health

     Is the Christmas Tree the center-piece of your home and celebration each December? It is for us!  Memories revolving around the selection, trimming  and enjoyment of the Tree are strong.  Do you remember your first tree?  Is there one in your village that love every year?  Do you go someplace special  to make your selection?   […]

  • Organic Bathing Salt

    End of winter skin Strategies

    How are you feeling about end of winter skin, Too dry, Too flaky? Feeling gray from lack of sun? Are you feeling overwhelmed from too much sun,  and wind  in the Bahamas or on the ski-slopes?   Here are 3 easy ideas to get your winter skin back on track fast. Greeks and Romans of the […]

  • Facial Mositurizer

    Hand Sanitizer?

    Really?  I thought this was  a Hand and Body Moisturizer.  I picture the little plastic bottle with the big alcohol smell… How do you feel about clean hands and what are you willing to do to get them germ-free?  CAN a skin smoothing, recovery-enhancing herbal moisturizer also provide anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial peace of mind? Why […]