About Medieval Magic Organics

Long-term Relationships

Holly and Joy Ihloff

Holly and Joy Ihloff

I am committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose Medieval Magic Organics for your personal care needs.

Understanding the upset when you or your family encounter reactions to harsh ingredients provides ongoing motivation for new research and new development.

You can rely on the consistent, superior quality of small batch production using lowest carbon footprint technology.


As decades roll, one discovers how to incorporate past interests and educational achievements into a current dream. With Medieval Magic Organics I am re-envisioning my deep passions for design, gardening, history and service.

An apparel design career made it possible to conceive of and, with the help of a very dear friend, create the historically based tapestry backdrops you’ve seen at all the shows.

A rigorous Home Economics background ensures the marriage of herbal formulae with modern hygienic practices.

International travel, research and an art history background have informed my garden design, organic ingredient selection, and jar and label design.


The Garden

The Garden

The Medieval Magic organic gardens are heavily influenced by the great European Medieval Gardens Of Plenty. With the help of my ever faithful greyhound Mel Tormay at the end of the leash, hard and soft fruits, herbals, and medicinals have been planted, watered, tended and harvested annually for the past 18 years.

Holly Ihloff

The Company

From the beginning, I decided my company would make a professional marriage of European Apothecary Tradition and Native American Healing Arts, philosophically agreeing that ‘what grows closest to you is what heals you best.’  Always observant of nature, I come to work smiling, with a passion to understand your needs and preferences.

Bird on Flowers

My Tenants

The organic Medieval Magic Gardens boast not only healthy botanicals for your personal enjoyment, but also a pristine environment used by 70+ varieties of birds visiting annually. Feel the hum and happy buzz of bees and other pollinator species working daily on our behalf. Your skin care needs are in the best of hands.


Why Use Herbs

Why Use Herbs?

In the Herbal Tradition, each herb carries with it an average of 17 beneficial actions on the body. Drawing from a lifetime of international research, and client feedback, I combine the best of historic herbal traditions with modern thinking to provide skin care products that are luxurious, effective and user friendly. Everyone wins, and Folk History is kept alive.

The History

The History

I was presented with John Lust’s The Herb Book in grammar school, and a lasting passion was born. I have read herbal history from ancient world translations through modern writing. I have also crossed the Atlantic 14 times for Europe and the Middle East, expanding my knowledge of great world gardens and time-honored Herbal Practices.

It Matters

It Matters

I genuinely care about your preferences and the quality of your experience. As ever, Medieval Magic Organics’ Historic Botanical Cosmetics pledges a pristine olive oil base, no pesticides, no artificial preservatives, fragrances or colors.