Medieval Magic Organics and What’s New

What a pleasure to greet you on this last, beautiful April day.  Spring comes last to the north, and we are reveling in the beauty of naturalized Daffodils, the true blue of Siberian Squill, the anticipation of May Violets, (my first harvest), soon to come. I  hope this finds you well and content, with winter safely behind us.  What’s new in your world?


There are many wonderful new things in the works here, and I wonder if I might share:

A challenging winter project was completed, as I re-calibrated all of my research, by herb…really profiling the deep benefits of each and every herb that is in the Medieval Magic Repertoire.  From there, I consolidated the combined herbal benefits, since Time Out of Mind, of each product offered.  Here are 2 simple samples of what I mean:

Lavender Mint Facial Moisturizer:        Notice the eradication of dryness and skin tags, a reduction of hot flash frequency and intensity; these herbs are known to reduce scars, swelling, age spots, wrinkles, and pimples, offer sun protection, treat spider veins and ease varicose veins.   Included are herbs known to increase brain function while decreasing depression, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia.  Four known cancer shielding herbs also control overgrowth of certain bacteria and fungi in the body, all since Time Out of Mind.

Payne Management is equally impressive:       5 powerful historic payne relievers are also anti-spasmodic to respiratory, muscular and digestive systems. They are known to reduce edema, blood pressure, stress and tension. They quicken energy, increase circulation, relaxation, brain health, memory and vision.  They uplift mood and encourage sound slumber, all since Time Out of Mind.

These research cards are now included as part of your purchase with each product. You can feel really good about the choices you are making for yourself, your family and friends.

Facial Toner is now offered in Spritz format, shippable during the warm moths.

Mothers Day is right around the corner.  Can you believe we are on to the lovely month of May already?  Mothers Day orders have begun, and orders are be being delivered in a timely manner.  There are so many things in the line up that would please her, be a positive addition to her life.  Why not order today?

The Good News here is that after a winter that ‘really rocked,’  all of my treasured edible, sustainable landscaping has come through in fine form.  Clean-up and pruning, division and fertilization of perennials has begun, repairs on the Medieval Magic Garden trellises are underway, and all done with layer upon layer of birdsong to cheer me on my way. 8 new Bluebird nest boxes have been joyfully installed this spring….now for the tenants to make their desires known….

This is a great property, with a western view that extends to the summit of Mt Washington.  In a younger day, these feet climbed it 3x  (!),  and the view into Tuckerman Ravine, a sunset over the White Mts., even a storm racing towards me from the west , thrill and inspire all of my actions.

So often I flirt with the idea of offering summer health and wellness days here, offering  classes, perhaps a pot luck  harvest festival….  How I’d love to invite you, my friends and clients, to gather here, meet one another, relax into the setting and discuss important matters.    I meet such dynamic people and always wish I had more time with you.  If you like the sound of anything I’ve mentioned, or have ideas in mind,  let me know.  Summer is fleeting, and magical here.  I just know you’d love it!,

Thank you for continuing to enjoy my products, for looking in on the website, for liking me on facebook…I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon-

Sending every  joyful and happy wish of friendship to you…

Holly Henion Ihloff….Medieval Magic Organics…Historic Botanical Cosmetics, LLC

PO 88,  Casco, Maine 04015….207-627-7561